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 What Can You Do When Your Laptop's Keyboard is Not Working?

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PostSubject: What Can You Do When Your Laptop's Keyboard is Not Working?   Fri Mar 25, 2011 6:01 am

At times when using a laptop, the Asus Laptop Keyboard will suddenly stop working. This can be a simple glitch or a major Asus Laptop Keyboard issue that needs to be fixed. Learn what you can do when this happens to you.
The first thing that you should do is just a simple restart. At times it might just be a minor issue that doesn't really matter at all. This restart could potentially fix the problem meaning that you won't have to go to further measures to actually get the laptop fixed.
If this doesn't work, be sure to use a can of compressed air to clean out the Asus Laptop Keyboard. Sometimes things get stuck underneath the keys making it hard to actually use the Asus Laptop Keyboard as need be.
You might also have to pick up the laptop when it's off and turn it upside down. This will help get out things that are stuck beneath the keys on your computer.
While there can be hardware problems like the Asus Laptop Keyboard not working, there are also software problems. At times the Asus Laptop Keyboard might not be working because of some software related issue. For advanced users, there is a way of testing this. You will need to boot up your machine with another operating system like a Linux Live CD.
When you boot up this way, if the keyboard is working fine, then it means that there is a software related issue that needs to be fixed. You either have to find the error or repair the operating system.
If the Asus Laptop Keyboard is still not working, you know for a fact that it is a hardware related issue , You will have to get the Asus Laptop Keyboard replaced.
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What Can You Do When Your Laptop's Keyboard is Not Working?
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