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 Fix an Compaq Laptop Keyboard Key ?

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PostSubject: Fix an Compaq Laptop Keyboard Key ?   Sat Apr 02, 2011 1:54 am

While Compaq laptops are built to&n bsp;be used on the go, they ar e not indestructible. An accidental ;drop or even normal wear and tear over an extended period of&nbs p;time can cause the laptop keys&nb sp;to become dislodged and fall out . Debris can also build up ins ide the keys and make them sti ck or stop working. Fixing the ;keys on your Compaq laptop is ;a quick process that does not ;require taking the unit to a professional repair shop.

Power off the Compaq laptop and&nbs p;flip the unit over. Slide the&nbs p;battery release lever over and li ft the battery out of the lapt op.

Turn the laptop back over and open the lid. Look inside the open area on the Compaq Laptop Keyboard where&nbs p;the key would normally go. Check& nbsp;to see if the plastic retainin g clip is still inside the hol e.

Locate the plastic retaining clip i f it fell off the keyboard alo ng with the key. Use a pair&nb sp;of tweezers to set the clip ;back inside the hole. Line up ;the holes on the clip with th e four raised nodules inside the&nb sp;keyboard hole.

Set the key back onto the plas tic clip. Push the key down un til it clicks into place.

Flip the laptop back over if t here are keys that are not wor king properly. Use the Phillips-head&nbs p;screwdriver to remove the three s crews on the left side of the& nbsp;case that hold the Compaq Laptop Keyboard in place. Turn the laptop back o ver so that you can see the&nb sp;LCD screen.

Push the thin end of a flat-he ad screwdriver under the LED indica tor strip above the keyboard. Pop&n bsp;the strip upward and pull it&nb sp;off the laptop.

Lift the Compaq laptop keyboard up towards you until the long ribbon cable running from the ;bottom of the keyboard to the ;motherboard comes into view. Unplug&nbs p;the cable from the port on t he motherboard and then pull the&nb sp;keyboard and its ribbon cable of f the case. Spray out the unde rside of the keys and the insi de of the Compaq laptop case w ith canned air.

Reassemble the Compaq Laptop Keyboard , LED indicator&n bsp;strip and battery.
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PostSubject: Re: Fix an Compaq Laptop Keyboard Key ?   Fri May 27, 2011 8:42 am

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Fix an Compaq Laptop Keyboard Key ?
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