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 Remove the Keyboard From a Gateway NV-52

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PostSubject: Remove the Keyboard From a Gateway NV-52   Fri Apr 08, 2011 12:52 am

Keyboard installation instructions can vary from model to model, but all Gateway laptops tend to have similar screw placement and keyboard and hinge cover removal. With a small Phillips head screwdriver, some safety precautions and respect for possible power surges or shocks, and a knowledge of the many screw locations, your Gateway NV-52 keyboard installation can take as few as 15 minutes.

Cut off all sources of power to your Gateway laptop. Not only should you turn the laptop off and unplug it, but you also need to remove the battery. Flip the laptop over and look at the very top of its back. You will see the horizontal outline of the battery. Slide the releasing mechanism/switch on the right side of the battery and pop the battery out.

Locate the memory and Wi-Fi covers and remove them. The memory cover takes up most of the middle of the Gateway unit's back side and is directly under the battery. The Wi-Fi cover is just to the left of the memory cover. There is 1 screw to detach from the Wi-Fi cover, and 8 to unscrew from the memory cover. Use a small Phillips screwdriver to do this.

Remove the two covers and locate the two keyboard screws. There is 1 beneath the Wi-Fi cover on the top right side, and 1 beneath the memory cover at exactly the top middle point. Use the Phillips screwdriver again.

Flip the Gateway laptop back over and remove the two hinge cover screws. These will be on the back of the screen hinge (or spine, if you will) of the Gateway, one on each far side.

Remove the hinge cover. This is the small horizontal cover that runs the width of the laptop and is directly above the keyboard when the computer is open. You may need to pry under one side of the cover with a small object in order to pop it out.

Remove the keyboard from the computer. Note that it is connected via the keyboard connector, which is accessible once you raise the keyboard up. To unlock the connector, flip the black plastic piece upward from its flat position and then disconnect the cable. Pull out the keyboard and put it aside.

Take your new Gateway NV-52 keyboard and connect it to the keyboard connector, reversing the process in which you disconnected the former one. Ensure that the Gateway NV-52 keyboard connector is locked again by flipping the black piece back down. Slide the keyboard into place.

Replace the hinge cover screws first after sliding the cover back into place.

Flip the laptop back over and replace the two keyboard screws in their spots within the Wi-Fi and memory enclosure. Replace those covers. Then, reinstall the cover screws.

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Remove the Keyboard From a Gateway NV-52
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