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 how to Maintenance your Laptop Keyboard

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PostSubject: how to Maintenance your Laptop Keyboard   Sat Mar 26, 2011 1:55 am

Regular maintenance on your computer can extend its life and save you from needing costly laptop Gateway Laptop Keyboard repairs. Who knows - maybe it can even extend your own life as well.

Think about the germs harboring on your keyboard for example. More than likely you don't wash your hands each time before you start to type, not many people do. If you have a white Gateway Laptop Keyboard it is easy to see how much dirt has accumulated on the keys but if it's black you don't have a clue.

There is a constant flow of dust and dirt in the air. If you clean your own house, you have a good idea of how much dust accumulates in a short amount of time. In some parts of the country where it is more arid and you leave your windows open, you can dust one day and find the dust is back the next. If your table collects that much dust in such a short amount of time, think how much has built up between your keys over a year or more. It's time to do your computer spring cleaning even if spring is long past.

The first thing you want to do is disconnect the Gateway Laptop Keyboard from the computer and you might want to label the slot so you remember where to plug it back in. Then turn the keyboard over and very gently shake the board and press the keys to free any particles of dust, dirt or food that fell between the keys. Turn the keyboard upright again and spray around the keys with a can of compressed air purchased from any computer store. This will get rid of any remaining particles. Now it's time to clean off the keys.

There are three ways you can clean the keys. Do not spray any cleaner directly onto the keyboard. Take a clean soft cloth and spray it with a disinfectant then wipe the keys or use disinfecting wipes or dip swabs in rubbing alcohol and wipe each individual key. You'll be amazed at how much dirt comes off. This simple procedure could save you money. After everything is clean and dry, plug the Gateway Laptop Keyboard back into its slot. Who knows you might find you can now even type a lot faster - but don't count on it.
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how to Maintenance your Laptop Keyboard
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