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 Worisome news

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PostSubject: Worisome news   Fri Sep 07, 2007 4:54 pm

Quote :
Newspapers like to point to rising Internet sales (which on average still represent only 7 percent of their revenues) as the future salvation of their businesses. But Bay Area newspaper industry analyst Alan Mutter (pictured) warns on his blog that Google's decision to link readers directly to the sites of the AP and other wire services will reduce the number of page views newspaper Web sites get. That will lower revenues in an area where newspapers were hoping to see growth to make up for a loss of print advertising dollars.

Read the San Francisco Peninsula Press Club post

Quote :
The problem, of course, is that most news organizations have been cutting back on original content to shore up their eroding profit margins. Instead of creating the original content that Google – and the rest of us – value, the mainstream media have been filling a growing amount of the infinitely expanding space on their web sites with stories and video snatched directly off the wires.

They have been doing so in the mistaken belief that visitors will spend hours and hours, or at least minutes and minutes, happily clicking through the pages on their web sites to generate tons of views that they can sell in the form of banner advertising. This anachronistic and self-delusional model is fast becoming bankrupt. And here’s why:

Read the Reflections of a Newsosaur post

Ad blockers are begining to become quite popular and eye-tracking studies show that no one is even looking at most of the banner ads. About the only form of online advertising that seems to be doing well is video. Do we have a problem brewing here?
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Worisome news
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