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 Install a Dell Inspiron 1721 keyboard Key

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PostSubject: Install a Dell Inspiron 1721 keyboard Key   Fri Apr 08, 2011 12:34 am

The Dell Inspiron laptop is a versatile, affordable machine for everyday computing. With frequent use, the keys on a Dell Inspiron 1721 keyboard can loosen or fall off. The keys can be reinstalled if the assembly attachment remains intact on the Dell Inspiron 1721 keyboard. This saves time and money since the entire keyboard doesn't need to be replaced. The Dell Support website offers a key replacement tutorial for visual reference.

Check the area where the key should be placed. Make sure it's clear of debris. Use a can of compressed air to remove any crumbs or dust.

Position the key over the attachment assembly. Make sure it's lined up and centered properly.

Press down on the key until it clicks into place. If it doesn't, re-position the key and try again.

Check the key's function by pressing it a few times. It should move up and down without sticking or resistance, same as the other keys.

Install Dell Inspiron 1721 keyboard is easy.

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Install a Dell Inspiron 1721 keyboard Key
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