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 Dell laptop keyboard issue

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PostSubject: Dell laptop keyboard issue   Mon Mar 21, 2011 12:09 pm

Dell laptop keyboard issue

Dell laptop keyboard issue involving the Caps Lock button?
I am not sure what started this but i would really like to fix the issue because it's incredibly annoying having to deal with this oddity whilst trying to type. my problem is that whenever i am typing in Word and i start a new sentence, i'll press caps lock before typing the first letter of the sentence before tapping it again to go to average sized script my computer's cursor literally disappears completely after i type the first capital letter requiring me to left-click my mouse once every time i use a capital letter and switch back, if i don't do this left-click with my computer's mouse then all of the text that i will be trying will not show up at all on the screen. could you please lend me some easy hot-to advice on what i can do on my Microsoft word to stop this from happening?

Few things you can do.

1. use external mouse and disable the on-board mouse
2. download the most current drivers for the on-board mouse for your dell model
3. use external keyboard (usb or ps/2)
4. if none of the above works, then the Dell laptop keyboard needs to be replaced and the touch-pad mouse assembly also by a train dell tech.

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Dell laptop keyboard issue
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