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 What Drivers Readers Crazy

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PostSubject: What Drivers Readers Crazy   Fri Jun 22, 2007 4:43 pm

The Chicago Tribune recently published a very useful column; interesting enough that Poynter linked it on their page. The column outlines issues that drive their readership nuts across publication, communications and journalism.

Quote :
Wet papers. Rain happens. Call the number for circulation; it is printed on Page 4 every day. 1-800-Tribune (874-2863). If you call early in the morning, the circulation department will replace it or give you a credit.

Ink-smudged pages. A quality-control issue that the paper wants to know about.

Missing papers (or sections). Things can go astray while producing and distributing nearly 570,000 copies every weekday and more than 940,000 on Sunday so don't just stew on your driveway or doorstep. Call early for a replacement.

Read the whole story

I would have liked to see some issues concerning the Tribune's website, but maybe there was nothing to complain about...
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What Drivers Readers Crazy
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