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 Why would anyone WANT to lose readers?

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PostSubject: Why would anyone WANT to lose readers?   Mon Oct 01, 2007 7:03 pm

The answer:

Quote :
The big American newspapers sell about 10 percent fewer copies than they did in 2000, and while the migration of readers to the Web is usually blamed for that decline, much of it has been intentional. Driven by marketing and delivery costs and pressure from advertisers, many papers have decided certain readers are not worth the expense involved in finding, serving and keeping them.

“It’s a rational business decision of newspapers focusing on quality circulation rather than quantity, shedding the subscribers who cost more and generate less revenue,” said Colby Atwood, president of Borrell Associates, a media research firm.

That rational business decision is being driven in part by advertisers, who have changed their own attitudes toward circulation.

In the boom years, “there was more willingness by advertisers to assign some value to the occasional reader, the student, the reader who doesn’t match a certain profile,” said Jason E. Klein, chief executive of the Newspaper National Network, a marketing alliance.

But advertisers have become more cost-conscious and have learned how to reach narrowly tailored audiences on the Internet. Sponsors of preprinted ads that are inserted into a newspaper have been especially aggressive in telling papers that some circulation just is not worthwhile.

“The insert advertisers look to flood the area within five miles of their stores or flood certain ZIP codes,” Mr. Klein said. “They’re not interested in hitting a scattering of readers, and they don’t want to pay for it.”

Read the NY Times story
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Why would anyone WANT to lose readers?
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