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 Flipping the script

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PostSubject: Flipping the script   Wed Sep 05, 2007 8:57 pm

Quote :
I love journalists. Hell, I used to be a pretty good newspaperman myself, and the blogosphere has given me a chance to dabble in the discipline of journalism again here and there. I also work daily to convince CEOs who are suspicious of the media (is there any other kind?) that most journalists do their jobs with integrity. I annoy my corporate clients when I tell them what I believe: that you'll hear more heartfelt discussion of ethical questions in a newsroom than you'll ever hear in a boardroom.

Having stipulated all that, let's be real: Reporters are known to occasionally flip the script on their subjects.

Read the whole Media Orchard post

The post includes some good research to do if you think you might get the script flipped on you. Great reading, I heartily suggest it.
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Flipping the script
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