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 How long can/should a reporter wait?

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PostSubject: How long can/should a reporter wait?   Tue Sep 04, 2007 4:39 pm

Quote :
We, as human beings, have a right be left alone. Intrusive invasion of privacy is defined as intrusion upon solitude and seclusion of someone or into his or her private affairs. Our rights in this situation were completely ignored.

I have been told that many immediate family members "welcome" the opportunity to speak to the media within hours of such tragedies, that immediate family members always have the option of declining an interview, and can choose to hire a spokesperson if they need to do so. This doesn't come close to justifying the media's actions.

Our standards for reasonable behavior of the media have sunk to unimaginable lows. This is a collective problem that will take a concerted effort to address. Do we as a community have the will to do so?

Read the MediaPost guest essay

You may have heard (or may not have) about the death of 14-year-old Jeff Milano-Johnson and the unhappy response to media coverage of the event.

One commenter on her response essay (quotes above) compared the young man's death to 9/11 and other such newsworthy events. But Jeff Milano-Johnson's death did not represent a community risk in any way. Do you think the reporters should have left the matter alone or pursued it? When? Immediately or after a suitable grieving period?
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How long can/should a reporter wait?
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