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 The future of politcal debate

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PostSubject: The future of politcal debate   Tue Aug 21, 2007 6:59 pm

Quote :
The New York Times Op-Ed page recently asked a few experts to answer this question: If the CNN/YouTube presidential debates still had too much scripting and canned answers, how can we create a real new-media debate? Various folks answered, with Kevin Kelly saying candidates should have webcams attached to their heads 24/7, and Tom Brokaw joked that candidates should answer questions completely through cell phones.

Read the whole MediaSHift post

Everyone seems to have their own take on the problem and the solution. One commenter suggested giving the candidates more time to answer their questions. What do you think the problem is with modern poltical debate, if any? What's the solution?
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The future of politcal debate
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