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 A broader introduction to Facebook

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PostSubject: A broader introduction to Facebook   Mon Aug 13, 2007 11:51 pm

Quote :
On Tuesday, July 31, Shara Karasic's world came to a temporary halt. Facebook was down. She could not follow the fortunes and foibles of her friends. She could not see if any photos had been posted that were tagged as including her. She could not even know if anyone had "poked" her (which is not a sexual act, but just a little cozier way of saying "hey, you" online). Even though she had the entire Internet to entertain her and connect her, she felt the loss. "Over the course of those four hours," Karasic says, "I probably tried to get in five or more times."

If you haven't heard about Facebook, you're in desperate need of an education concerning this popular networking tool. How long has it been open to the public? A few months? It's already grown out of proportion, if not out of control. I have my Facebook account, through which a cousin that I did not even know I had contacted me... Do you?

Well, you might be scared to face the phenomenon. If that's the case, here's a solution: A Newsweek primer and analysis. Just about everything you need or want to know about the function and evolution of Facebook.
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A broader introduction to Facebook
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