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 What's in a name?

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PostSubject: What's in a name?   Mon Aug 13, 2007 11:44 pm

Quote :
It's amazing how chicken some people are. And when they're supposed to be advocates of responsible journalism, their anonymous posts are downright spineless. As Andy stated, those operating from the shadows commonly throw barbs and hurl insults while also dragging down the level of discourse. Some of the rants might be funny (I cracked up after one poster used the name, but they don't add anything of true value to a debate. When facts are screwed up -- as is too often the case -- there is no accountability.

Read the Freedom of the Prez post
Read the Quill Magazine column under discussion

So should a different standard be in place for online and print? As I understand it, not very many newsrooms will print anonymous letters, but far more will allow posts without using real names. What's your take?
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What's in a name?
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