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 When to learn Flash

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PostSubject: When to learn Flash   Mon Jul 30, 2007 4:28 pm

Quote :
A lot of people think they can learn a little Flash and then build a project right away.

Iím not saying itís impossible, but it might not be the most effective approach for you to take.

What happens to a lot of people who do that: They get into a mess, and then ó they quit.

Thatís why Iím writing this. I donít want you to quit, to give up on Flash, because you think itís too demanding or too hard to learn.

I also donít want you to pick up a sledgehammer to use on a thumbtack. If all you want is a slideshow with audio, for heavenís sake, download Soundslides and use that.

Read the whole Teaching Online Journalism story

I have to agree on this one. Flash is a bit of a dragon- it can be quite beautiful and definitely hot, but still a beast that you don't want to tangle with if you don't know how. Personally, I know just enough Flash to know how little I want to deal with it until I take a lot more classes or have considerably more time for training. So when I need something done in Flash, I call up one of the guys I worked with in college. His rates are a little high, but I know he's good for a quality product.

Now this is not to say freelancers and consultants are the only way. For us, it's probably the best option. We're not putting out a lot of interactive multimedia at CNPA. Mostly text, videos and photos. This forums certainly isn't the main area of interest on the CNPA website. So for us, it's definitely not worth it to keep a Flash animator/programmer on staff. For most of our needs, Soundslides and a couple of small (under $100) applications certainly suffice. They're probably enough for most any multimedia newbie or experimenter.

On the other hand, if you're going to join the multimedia heavyweights, like the New York Times or Washington Post, itís probably in your best interest to really learn Flash or hire someone who does. Flash is a streamlined and versatile tool. Consider your needs and what you need to fill them.
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When to learn Flash
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