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 How to Maintain or Clean your Laptop Keyboard

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PostSubject: How to Maintain or Clean your Laptop Keyboard   Fri Sep 23, 2011 8:15 am

It is very important that you manage your laptop and keep it in its best condition, so you can take advantage of its full life.Consider the germs harboring on your laptop keyboard for instance. More than likely you do not clean your hands every time before you start to type, not a great deal of persons do. If your keyboard is white it is easy to see how much dust has accumulated on the keys but if itís black you do not have a clue.

There is a constant flow of dust in the air. If you clean your own house, youíve a good idea of how much dust accumulates in a short period of time. Itís time to do your Laptop spring cleaning even if spring is long past. Here are some instructions for cleaning your laptop keyboard.

If you are playing around with the LCD, the backlight inverter can give you quite a nasty shock if the laptop is powered up, so ensure that the laptop is switched off and unplugged from the mains.

Then turn the laptop keyboard over and very carefully shake the board and press the keys to free any particles of dust, dirt or food that slipped between the keys. Turn the keyboard upright again and spray around the keys with a can of compressed air acquired from any computer store. This could lose any remaining particles. Now itís time to clean off the keys.
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How to Maintain or Clean your Laptop Keyboard
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