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 How much is too much?

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PostSubject: How much is too much?   Fri Jul 06, 2007 7:44 pm

Quote :
William Powers believes that news organizations should post personal information about their journalists online.

He wants these questions answered: "Who are they? Where did they grow up? What did they study in school? Why did they become journalists? Did they ever work in politics or volunteer for a cause? If so, when and where?"

To which I ask: Why stop there?

What about these: What is their pin number? Who did they last sleep with? Do they have any embarrassing rashes? I demand that all journalists post at least one shirtless camera-phone pic of themselves on MySpace. The people have a right to know!

Read the CBS blog post

We live in a time when information is both easier and harder to get than ever before. The digital revolution has put the power of the web in our hands and we've gotten used to blogs and personal sites. How many of you have Googled yourself? A loved one? A potential date?

Are you as amazed as I am that "Googled" has become an accepted verb?

We expect to know about our family, our neighborhood, our politicians... our journalists? How much should we know about them? Should they be subject to the same kind of public scrutiny as celebrities? Is it our business?
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How much is too much?
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