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 Clean Heatsink about Gateway Laptop

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PostSubject: Clean Heatsink about Gateway Laptop    Mon Apr 25, 2011 1:35 am

Your Gateway laptop's heat sink is one of the primary cooling devices for your processor. The heat sink moves heat away from the processor, keeping its temperature at a nominal level. Keeping your processor cool is important as overheating can cause severe damage to your system. Your heat sink may become clogged with dust which will require proper cleaning. Cleaning your Gateway laptop's heat sink can be accomplished in several steps.

* 1

Remove the face plate of your Gateway Laptop Keyboard. Your face plate will usually be attached by several plastic hinges located near the sides of the base; remove these with care.
* 2

Remove the Gateway Laptop Keyboard from your Gateway laptop by removing the four or more screws that secure it. These screws are located near the corners of your laptop. Make sure you don't lose these screws as you will need them later when you reassemble your laptop.
* 3

Remove the screws securing your display unit to your Gateway laptop's base. The screws will be found at the back of your laptop's base where the monitor is attached. Unplug the video and WI_FI cables and remove the monitor from your Gateway laptop's base.
* 4

Remove the screws and take off the outer shell of your laptop. You will now be able to see your laptop's components.
* 5

Blow compressed air into the heat sink to clean it. Your heat sink is the fan located near the left side of your laptop. If you are unable to clean the heat sink using compressed air, gently wipe the heat sink with a microfiber cloth.
* 6

Reassemble your laptop to complete the operation.
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Clean Heatsink about Gateway Laptop
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