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 A little online ad terminology

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PostSubject: A little online ad terminology   Thu Jul 05, 2007 4:41 pm

Quote :
ad impression: Each time someone views an advertisement online.

ad networks: A company that sells ad inventory in aggregated packages to advertisers. One example of an ad network for blogs is called BlogAds.

banner ad: Graphical advertisement on a web page that allows people to click through to a special advertiserís site.

behavorial ads: Advertising thatís served up according to a personís recent online web surfing, matching their interest even if they are not currently on a relevant site.

clickthrough rates (CTR): The percentage of times that a person seeing an ad online clicks on the ad.

cost per action (CPA): A type of ad in which the advertiser only pays the publisher for each time someone completes a transaction, whether thatís registering for a site or buying a product.

cost per thousand (CPM): The rate it costs for the ad to reach a certain number of viewers online. So a site with a $10 CPM would charge $100 for every 10,000 viewers reached.

pay-per-click (PPC): An ad in which the advertiser only pays for each click made by viewers, with the price set by bidding against other advertisers online.

opt-in marketing: Ads or commercial emails sent with the prior approval of recipients.

rich media ads: Display ads online that use animation, flashy graphics, audio or video to pop off the page for viewers.

spam: Commercial email messages sent without the recipientís approval.

Taken from MediaShift's pretty comprehensive enty about online advertising.
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A little online ad terminology
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