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 how to Remove and replacing laptop keyboard

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PostSubject: how to Remove and replacing laptop keyboard   Wed Apr 06, 2011 1:54 am

Sony Laptops Keyboard form a huge part of our lives, and when they break we start to panic. The keyboard is one of the first parts to break because of the amount of usage it has to endure. Luckily this doesn't mean you have to throw your laptop out. No matter how your keyboard broke, there is a how to fix sony laptop has keyboard

- if your laptop is still covered by the manufacturerís warranty, do not open the case or you can loose the warranty.
- always remove the battery and unplug the AC adapter before you open the laptop case.
- if you damage the Sony Laptop Keyboard connector on the motherboard youíll have to replace the whole motherboard.
- proceed on your own risk.

Remove keyboard bezel
Insert a small flathead screwdriver under the keyboard bezel and carefully lift it up. Continue releasing plastic latches and removing the keyboard bezel with your fingers.

Bezel connected to motherboard
Be careful, on some models the bezel might be connected to the motherboard as it shown on the picture above. If you accidentally pulled the cable, connect it back. It is not necessary to disconnect the keyboard bezel from the motherboard in order to remove and replace the Sony Laptop Keyboard, just put it aside so you can access the keyboard screws.

Removing keyboard
Remove three (or more) screws from the top of the keyboard. Carefully lift up the keyboard from the laptop case.

Disconnecting keyboard
The Sony Laptop Keyboard connects to the motherboard via a flat ribbon cable. Before you pull the cable from the connector, youíll have to unlock the connector.

Keyboard connector
Carefully move the connector lock 2-3 millimeters up and after that pull the keyboard cable. To install the keyboard, follow the above mentioned steps in the reverse order.

Toshiba laptop
The following pictures were taken from a Toshiba Satellite A135 laptop. The keyboard removal instructions will be almost the same for most modern Toshiba laptops.

Keyboard bezel removal
The keyboard bezel removal procedure is similar to the above mentioned Sony Vaio laptop. Lift it up with a small screwdriver and remove using fingers. On most Toshiba laptops the keyboard bezel doesnít have any circuit board underneath, itís just a piece of plastic and you donít have to worry about cables.

Removing keyboard
After the bezel is removed you get an access to the keyboard screws. Remove two (or more) screws. Release the plastic latch pointed with the red arrow and lift up the keyboard. Carefully put the Sony Laptop Keyboard aside so you can access the connector underneath the keyboard. Do not forget that the keyboard is still connected to the motherboard.

Disconnecting keyboard
Before you remove the keyboard, youíll have to open the connector and release the flat ribbon cable.

Keyboard connector closeup
Hereís a closeup picture of the keyboard connector on the motherboard. Be careful, this type of connector is fragile. On the left image the connector is closed. On the right image the connector is opened. Unlock the connector by moving the lock up as it after that release the ribbon cable. Remove and replace the keyboard. For assembly instructions follow all the steps in the reverse order.
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how to Remove and replacing laptop keyboard
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