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 How to unlock A Laptop Keyboard Locked

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PostSubject: How to unlock A Laptop Keyboard Locked   Wed Mar 30, 2011 2:30 am

A Apple Laptop Keyboard may be locked with key combinations or by the removal of a security card (which is used to identify an individual). It can be unlocked using a fingerprint-reader or by replacing a security card, or by using a combination of keystrokes, whichever was used to lock it. In order to lock a laptop keyboard, we will need to know whether it is a PC, an Apple Macintosh, or a Linux laptop that we are wanting to lock because they are different from the PC.

* 1
Locking a PC Laptop with just Key Combinations

Lock a PC laptop keyboard by using the [CTRL]+[ALT]+[DEL] key-combination or a combination of the [Windows]+[L] keys. (The Windows key may be absent on some older laptops.) On return, log back in using the password which was assigned. Of course, if no password has been assigned, the Apple Laptop Keyboard has not been locked. So it is important to ensure that a password has been assigned before attempting to lock a PC laptop!

* 2
Mac Laptop Options Screen

Lock an Apple Macintosh laptop with a screen-saver which has a password assigned to protect it. Open System Preferences and click the "Desktop And Screen-Saver" area. (It doesn't matter which one you choose.) Here you will have to activate the "Hot Corners" - choose a corner to drag your cursor into. Next, check the box which says "Require password..." in the FireVault area. (You can ignore all the other FireVault settings because they won't affect it.) Now drag your cursor and try it out. (Note: this is separate from the Login options.)
* 3
Ubuntu Login Screen

Lock a Ubuntu, (or other Linux) laptop, such as those made by Dell, with a similar methodology. Whichever desktop you are running (whether it is the Gnome or the KDE desktop) the system is similar to the Apple Macintosh one: choose which corner to drag the cursor and check the "Require password to wake this computer from sleep or screensaver" box. Or use the laptop lid close mechanism to activate a blank screen, while the screen-saver settings are set to "Lock screen when screensaver is active."


A Apple Laptop Keyboard may be locked with a key-combination on a PC (free with no additional purchases) or on any machine with specific security devices which are purchased separately, such as a fingerprint reader, or by using a key card which is taken with the individual when the machine is locked.

It is vital to lock a laptop, particularly if you are going to use it away from your home or office. Especially in the office, you will need to lock your screen from casual glances, by people who perhaps are not privy to your business!
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How to unlock A Laptop Keyboard Locked
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