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 How to replace an HP Laptop Keyboard

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PostSubject: How to replace an HP Laptop Keyboard   Wed Mar 30, 2011 2:13 am

As laptop computers become a bigger part of people's lives, they are exposed to potential damage through transport, wear and tear, and extreme temperatures. Most laptops will need to be repaired at least once in their usable lives, and keyboards are one of the more commonly replaced components. Laptop keys become unresponsive or letters become worn away, or spills cause them to fail altogether. However, HP Laptop Keyboards are inexpensive and easy to replace.
* 1

Turn off the laptop and remove the battery. Open the laptop lid and locate the plastic cover at the rear of the keyboard. Turn over the laptop and remove any screws holding the rear cover in place. Return the laptop to the upright position, and use a small flat screwdriver to gently pry up the rear cover. Pull the cover gently from front to back to release any retaining snaps.
* 2

Locate and remove the four screws holding the HP Laptop Keyboard in place. Gently lift the rear of the keyboard to expose the ribbon cable underneath. Release the ribbon cable by carefully prying the brown retainer away from the cable. Pull the cable out of the connector.
* 3

Place the new keyboard near the laptop palm rest so that the ribbon cable will reach the connector. Insert the cable in to the connector and pry the retainer closed. Replace the keyboard in the recess and reinstall the screws.
* 4

Gently press one end of the plastic cover back in place at the back of the laptop. Press gently to snap the end of the cover down, then work slowly across the rest of the cover pressing it in place until it is completely seated.
* 5

Reinsert the battery and turn on the laptop. Verify the new keyboard's operation by typing in Word Pad or a comparable word processing program. Use each key to verify operation. Remove the HP Laptop Keyboard and re-seat the ribbon cable if any keys are unresponsive.


Most manufacturer's websites have instructions available for disassembly, as well as replacement parts listings.

Good used, and inexpensive。.

Be careful when working with the laptop keyboard ribbon cable retainer; do not break the socket or retainer on the motherboard.

Prevent damage caused by static discharge by avoiding contact with the motherboard.

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How to replace an HP Laptop Keyboard
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