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 So you want to add a map?

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PostSubject: So you want to add a map?   Mon Jul 02, 2007 5:40 pm

Have you ever been to one of those webpages about a concert or some kind of event that had an embedded map telling you where to go? I love those. I can zoom in, out, get directions form my house or here at the CNPA office. I canít navigate their way out of a shoebox without a ten-page instruction guide, so I rely heavily on good dynamic maps to give me a lot of surrounding area and other options.

How to integrate an Google Map into your page.

Why would you even want to put a map in a page? Well, what if there's a fire? Your readers will want to know where it is and see how close it is to their home. Or a concert? How far away is it? Maybe a new mini-mall is going up and the community wants to see how close it's going to be to their kids' school. There are endless uses.
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So you want to add a map?
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