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 How to Replace the Sony Vaio Vgn-Fe770g Keyboard

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PostSubject: How to Replace the Sony Vaio Vgn-Fe770g Keyboard   Tue Mar 22, 2011 12:24 pm

How to Replace the Sony Vaio Vgn-Fe770g Keyboard

Replacing certain components on a Sony Vaio laptop, such as the hard drive or memory module, is a little more difficult than on a regular laptop because some disassembly of the computer is involved. However, the keyboard on the Vaio VGN-FE770g can be removed without any disassembly. No technical knowledge is needed.

Power off your Vaio, remove the power cable and close the display. Turn the computer upside down.
Disconnect the battery pack from its compartment in the bottom of the computer.
Remove the three screws in the battery compartment, as well as the single screw directly behind the compartment.
Turn the Vaio right-side up and open the screen display. Find the rectangular plastic frame that sits above the Sony Vgn-Fe770g keyboard.
Use your fingers to pry the plastic frame off the computer and set it aside.
Remove the four screws that sit in a row directly above the keyboard.
Unplug the thick keyboard ribbon cable from its port on the base of the computer. Set the old keyboard aside.
Fit a new Sony Vgn-Fe770g keyboard on the base of the computer and reverse the steps for reassembly.

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How to Replace the Sony Vaio Vgn-Fe770g Keyboard
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