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 Searching through forums

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PostSubject: Searching through forums   Thu Jun 28, 2007 6:38 pm

Search engines can be a little touch-and-go on searching forums. While forums may be far from actual news, they are a valuable resources, in my experience, especially for troubleshooting technical issues. As a budding (or already in full-bloom) multimedia publications, you're going to have plenty of those. Why did my video turn into gray mush when I compressed? What happened to my sound? It's gone!

All issues I've actually had...

But back to the issue at hand. Omgili is a new tool to search only forums. This one might even show up from time to time. Omgili Buzz Graphs even allows you to compare the frequency 5 keywords over time (3 day, a week, a month). The graphs can be color-customized for use on your website. Careful, the result is given in HTML... which, ironically, can't be used on a large portion of forums.
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Searching through forums
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