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 Multimedia Toolbox

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PostSubject: Multimedia Toolbox   Thu Jun 21, 2007 9:22 pm

"Multimedia" journalism covers a wide variety, from online print to videos and slideshows to podcasts. That's a lot of skills and I'll be posting links here to resources that might help out.

Entries marked Like a Star @ heaven are new.

Ourmedia Homepage: A little hard to navigate, but a storehouse of useful advice on all sorts of media. The authors claim to have figured out Drupal, so you can bet I'll be spending a lot of time there soon. Here's the link to their Learning Center.

Multimedia Training: A simple but pretty comprehensive collections of multimedia tutorials, from buying your camera to choosing what story to use it with.

A slideshow about how to make a slideshow: A useful link on how to make a successful SoundSlides presentation. Link sent by Joe Wirt.

"Cool Stuff" @ J-Lab: Not so much a resource in itself, but a list of links to great examples of multimedia. I found it quite inspirational- I hope you do, too.

CCNA Guide to RSS: A great guide to RSS (Real Simple Syndication), including an introduction, explanation and guide about how to implement it on your website. Also includes a list of useful links for more advanced users. Provided by the CCNA (Canadian Community Newspapers Association).

Poynter's EyeTrack Study: A study by Poynter tracking eye movements in both print and electronic media. Results are posted (not often) as they come in on a nice, clean Flash site.

Jumpcut: Simple online editing for photos and video. You will be required to register.

Killersound: A range of free and purchasable sounds and music.

Royalty-Free Piano Music: Just what is says! Include a credit and backlink. We used it in one of our own slideshows.

Web Design: Contains all sorts of useful information on web design, plus free templates and tutorials.

Hipcast: Creates Flash-based players for podcasts and video. Hipcast is not free, there will be a (small) cost.

Tutorial Outpost: Another tutorial site, much like Web Design above.

Pod Bean: A helpful little site that will create a player to embed in your page.

About XML: A basic primer and lesson on XML.

Flash SEO: How to optimize a Flash projects for search engines.

Like a Star @ heaven How to make an annotated google map: By Engadget.

Like a Star @ heaven Audio field recorder revies: Also take a look at this post.

Like a Star @ heaven Compressing digital video: By Multimedia Shooter.

Like a Star @ heaven Page Views: The difference between hits, visitors, etc.
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PostSubject: Re: Multimedia Toolbox   Tue May 10, 2011 9:38 am

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Multimedia Toolbox
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