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 A good list of bad problems

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PostSubject: A good list of bad problems   Mon Mar 24, 2008 3:53 pm

Quote :
Iíve been reviewing the final projects of a few of our journalism masterís students. Every year we have some students who produce an online package as a project in lieu of thesis; the project is supposed to represent an effort comparable to that required to produce a traditional masterís thesis.

We have a good idea what the package will contain before itís complete. The thesis process begins with a proposal by the student, and a committee of three faculty must approve the proposal before the student starts reporting and gathering assets for the project. We see a plan and rough sketches and a summary of the background research.

The finished projects tend to share specific weaknesses ó which I also see in a lot of professional online packages.

1. Missing the opportunity of the intro.

This happens in one of two ways: Either the visitor is overwhelmed by a giant overload of information and choices, or the choices are too few, obscure, or skimpy in detail to capture the visitorís interest. The front of the package, usually the first thing the visitor sees, absolutely must make a great first impression. That doesnít mean it is merely pretty. The front must immediately (and simply) convey an honest sense of the story, why it matters, and what you can do here (from this point in the package).

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A good list of bad problems
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