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 Tools of the trade

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PostSubject: Tools of the trade   Mon Jan 21, 2008 5:35 pm

The cheap ones:

Quote :
Long, long ago in high school and college I used to do a bunch of indy films with friends and classmates for fun (and some school classes). We never had any money so we couldn’t buy expensive gear like steadycams and jigs, but we did have Home Depot, some tools, lots of time and ingenuity so we were able to cobble together makeshift gear to make things work.

Now-a-days, the magical internet has connected A/V nerds and backyard engineering geeks. Here’s a long list of cool video, photo, audio and multimedia techniques, tools and things to try out:

The legendary $14 Steadycam
Make your own 360 panoramic photo robot
DIY Movie Lightning Lamp
Head Rest Camera Mount

Read the rest. There's a 101 of them, including links to more information and instructions!
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Tools of the trade
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