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 In-Test Ads?

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PostSubject: In-Test Ads?   Thu Dec 13, 2007 5:04 pm

Quote :
DEPENDING ON WHOM YOU ASK, the in-text ad is either an ingenious ad revenue-generation mechanism (an opinion typically shared by marketing and ad sales people), or pure unadulterated evil invented by Lucifer himself (popular opinion among journalists and editors). These two groups could be referred to as bottom-liners (not to be confused with bottom-feeders), and content purists (read: hopeless idealists). The bottom-liner views the proliferation of in-text advertising, or in-textification, as a natural progression of the ad-supported Internet universe. In this world, Web sites exist to generate revenue, or at least that's what their job description says. These people are generally responsible for squeezing every last penny out of any available pixel they can confiscate from their editors and/or Web site designers.

Read the MediaPost article

The author of this article, Kory Kredit, paints a highly stratified reaction to in-text ads. Personally, I find them fairly annoying and ignore them, no matter how interesting I might find the product. What do you think of them?
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In-Test Ads?
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