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 Cutting out paid subscriptions worked

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PostSubject: Cutting out paid subscriptions worked   Mon Dec 10, 2007 7:58 pm

Quote :
Ever since the swept away the last remaining boulders of its subscription pay wall (aka Times Select) in mid-September, its traffic has been going through the roof. According to comScore, it gained 7.5 million readers worldwide from the end of August through the end of October (November numbers are not out yet). That is a 64 percent jump (to a total of 19.4 million). Similarly worldwide monthly pageviews surged 52 percent in that time period to 181 million. Other major news outlets like (4.4 million readers in October), the (3.6 million, with a subscriber wall), and (3.2 million) saw gains as well during the Fall, but nothing as dramatic as the

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PostSubject: Re: Cutting out paid subscriptions worked   Wed Jan 02, 2008 10:31 pm

Woohoo! Those numbers are exciting.

I realize a key factor in trying to make sense of page views is having the more reliable stats you get from requiring users to register... but I've given up on reading so many Bee stories because I'm too lazy (and annoyed) to register. I hope in the long run it is more profitable to give free unfettered access to content!
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Cutting out paid subscriptions worked
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