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 Free class ads

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Marty W

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Registration date : 2006-12-20

PostSubject: Free class ads   Wed Dec 05, 2007 2:00 am

Lodi News-Sentinel is having an internal debate: Whether to print free class ads or only publish them online.

One party says: free print ads will enhance the content and therefore the circulation of the newspaper; free print ads send the strongest message possible that the newspaper's classified section is the town's marketplace; nobody is going to bother to type in their credit card information to get a cheap ($1-$5) print ad; if we get overrun by free ads we can lower the cut-off price and charge for more ads.

The other party says: We're competing with free online ads Craigslist doesn't have a print publication; by creating cheap print ads for items of low value, we can have a little income, build considerable ad volume and enhance the content of the newspaper without sending the message that print is value-less; if it doesn't work, we can start free print ads later; people buy iTunes for 99 cents, why not a class ad?

Here are a few other things I'd like to know about other publications' handling of free classifieds:

1) Which newspapers are doing free classifieds? (Please include a Web address.)

2) Among those publishing free ads, do they publish free ads in print?

3) Are free ads only allowable for items under a certain price? What is that price?

4) If free ads are allowed on a different basis, what are those policies?

5) Are the ads spread out through various classifications or are they lumped together in an group (called "free ads" or something similar).[b]
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Maria Rodrigues CNPA

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PostSubject: Re: Free class ads   Mon Dec 10, 2007 6:49 pm

Free classifieds for items that are being given away FREE will enhance content and value to the reader. However for items that are being sold by the advertiser I think there should be a nominal charge ($1-$5) to print in the newspaper. I agree with the opinion that if people buy iTunes for 99 cents why not a newspaper classified print ad for a nominal charge?
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Free class ads
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