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 Mapping issues

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PostSubject: Mapping issues   Wed Sep 19, 2007 5:55 pm

An interesting idea both in observing the results and using them for your own purposes: A Google map with markers for censorship and prior review of high school papers.

Quote :
A doctoral candidate at Kent State University has created an online, interactive map chronicling incidents involving student press censorship.

Audrey Wagstaff, who also is a graduate assistant and researcher at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Kent State, compiled recent cases involving student press censorship or prior review, organizing it into an interactive format using Googleís map service. The map also displays landmarks where important Supreme Court cases involving scholastic media or student expression arose.

Users can browse a map of the United States marked with color-coded pushpins representing the location of individual cases and high schools and colleges. Clicking on a pin brings up information on each incident, including the publicationís name, the issue at hand and a brief summary. The box also includes links to relevant news articles.

ďItís visual, itís interactive. Itís not just reading text,Ē Wagstaff said. ďOur main audience is high school and college advisers. I think itís a good tool for high school advisers to become aware, especially those that donít realize that prior review is an issue.Ē

Read the Student Press Law Center story
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Mapping issues
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